Caleb M. Bryce

CalebBryceCaleb Bryce, PhD (2017)

M.A. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (UC Santa Cruz, 2014); B.S. Environmental Science (Point Loma Nazarene University, 2011)



My interests focus primarily on the physiological constraints of terrestrial carnivores, namely top canid predators like gray wolves (Canis lupus). My research is centered on how the elevated metabolisms of these wide-ranging carnivores structure the ecological communities they inhabit. I am calibrating and deploying an advanced wildlife collar, developed by collaborators at UCSC, to remotely monitor the behaviors and energetic needs of wolves. These data will provide both researchers and wildlife managers with a greater understanding of the links between free-ranging wolf habitat, prey thresholds, and movement patterns, all of which are critical for projecting the future abundance and distribution of wolves in increasingly altered landscapes.


Currently, Caleb & his wife Carli are research camp coordinators of Botswana Predator Conservation Trust in southern Africa.

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