Lab Members

Terrie M. Williams, Principal Investigator

Terrie M. Williams, PhD is a comparative wildlife physiologist at the University of California- Santa Cruz. She is the Director of the Center for Marine Mammal Research and Conservation at UCSC. For the past 30 years her research has investigated the physiology of large mammalian predators. Specifically, Dr. Williams and students are trying to understand “how animals survive” in a world that is constantly changing. By examining the functional relationships between animals and their environment, these researchers hope to understand the ecological significance of a species and the physiological adaptive changes that may be necessary for its survival. Her publication credits include over 100 scientific articles a recent book, “The Odyssey of KP2” (Penguin Press) detailing her efforts to save the endangered Hawaiian monk seal.


Jason John, PhD Student

Physiology of diving in marine mammals, Website

Jessie KB

Jessica Kendall-Bar, PhD Student

Marine Mammal Neuroscience, Website

Lilian Carswell, PhD Student

Carnivore neurobiology and behavior, Website


Emily Nazario, MA Student 

Physiology of recovery in marine mammals



AnthonyPaganoAnthony Pagano, PhD

Ursid behavior, energetics, and conservation, Website


Nicole Thometz, Postdoctoral Researcher

Physiological ecology of marine vertebrates, Website

RobinDunkinRobin Dunkin, Postdoctoral Researcher

Biophysical ecology and conservation physiology of large vertebrates, Website



Shawn R. Noren, UCSC Institute of Marine Sciences

Comparative physiological ecology of vertebrates, CV

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