Field Notes

Antarctica 2016- Weddell seal navigation

Our research team is currently in Antarctica for the second year of a three year study on Weddell seal navigation. These incredible seals spend most of their time under the ice surface foraging for fish and various marine invertebrates. In between hunting dives, however, they must return to the surface to breathe through holes and cracks in the ice. This usually involves navigating their way back to the ice hole they left, from hundreds of meters below the surface and in almost complete darkness during the winter!

Kenya 2015- African lions

Hello Friends of Big Cats,

This National Science Foundation sponsored research is the dream project of many biologists- at least for me.  It was the first study I wanted to do when I entered high school and it has been 40 years in the making.  It is the culmination of decades of schooling, terrific luck, hard work, and great collaborators.

Over the next few months I’ll take you on this very special expedition in which we explore the challenges to African lion survival in Laikipia, Kenya.  These large cryptic cats are in a race against extinction as climate change, conflicts with humans, and the struggles of wild living create a suite of difficulties for this iconic African species.

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